Arda Kardjian

Arda Kardjian
RN, BSN, Founder and President of Parentis Health and Verona Court

Hi , I’m Arda Kardjian. There are many ways to tell the story of Parentis Health. We could begin in 2003 when my husband, Tarek, and I opened Verona Court I, our first residential care home. Or we could start with our launch of Parentis Health home care services in 2015 after twelve years of experience caring for hundreds of parents, grandparents and spouses.

Where we should really begin is in Jerusalem, 1985. My parents, Mary and Nazar, had been living in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City for over seventy years. As they reached old age, the lack of social programs and the continuing emigration of the Armenian community meant that there were few options for how they could live out their final years autonomously and with financial security. Tarek and I were newly married and, though struggling financially to start a family together in Yonkers, New York, we decided to move my parents in with us. We had the privilege then of managing to make things work in a house, eventually, of seven. And that was in very large part thanks to my parents’ altruistic commitment to helping raise our three children (Stefan, 28; Alexander, 26; Jasmine 22). But while my parents were able to contribute so much to our home, their strength and resilience, won over a lifetime living in a city whose persistent spirit is thousands of years old, could only last so long.

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Parentis Health is designed to be a trusted “continuity of care” provider so that as needs change there is no need to shop around to find a different agency. Once an elderly loved one becomes a member of the Parentis Health family, we know the whole person and can provide a holistically based set of services to cover their evolving journey.

Core Values

Whether care takes place in your home or in one of ours, maintaining a familiar, nurturing environment is the best way to take care of the people we love. Parentis Health understands the value of creating a space where loved ones can express their independence and continue to live a healthy, meaningful and joyful life.

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