Cheney Suico, Caregiver of the Month
Caregiving Experience: 7 years
Specialty: Dementia and Alzheimer Care

Why do you like caregiving?

I like taking care of the elderly because it reminds me of when I was taking care of my grandmother. I like my clients and their family. It was also a very valuable experience for me because I learned how to be more patient. Now that I have a ten-month-old son, all those years caregiving has helped me with this experience as a new mom too.

What are your favorite things to do with your clients?

I enjoy reading books to my clients and talking to them about their passions. Recently, I had a client who wanted me to read the bible to her every day. I love how simple tasks has made a difference in my client’s end of life journey.

How do you make a client in bed rest feel extra special?

For my bed bound clients, I always make it a point to give them a head massage and comfort them. It’s all about the comfort.

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