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Health and wellness form the cornerstone of living a healthy, independent life.

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We believe that the core pillars of a long, healthy life are Wellness and Prevention through Nutrition, Mindset, and Strength Building. These three pillars help build the foundation for you to live life on your terms in a dignified and independent manner. We aim to guide you in maintaining health, happiness and independence throughout all stages of your life.   

Our risk reduction and prevention strategies involve a triple-focus on disease prevention, healthy living and building strength. 

Nutrition and strength

Physical activity and a diet customized for your specific needs – the formula for improved health and a better life.  


  • A well-balanced, nutritious diet is proven to reduce risk of disease, reduce chronic inflammation, lower cholesterol, improve our immune system, improve gut health, and increase energy & performance 
  • Food is one of the most powerful forms of medicine 
  • Good nutrition supports a healthy mind, body, and soul 
  • At Parentis health we provide the knowledge and skills needed to help prevent the onset or the exacerbation of chronic disease, as well as enhance overall wellness through research-based guidance on anti-inflammatory eating. 


  • Strength is essential for healthy aging and longevity.  
  • Strength training allows you to stay strong, independent, and energized and feeling young while simultaneously warding off the frailty that is often associated with aging.  
  • A strong body and coreis our physical foundation for optimal health & longevity as well as a key component to living life to the fullest   
  • Strength training improves bone health (or bone density,) improves body composition, increases metabolism, improves mental health, and maintains autonomy 

Latest thinking

We believe in the power of education to help you live your best life the whole way through. Join us on an educational journey to wellness, health and an independent life.

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clinical care management

We take the pressure off of you to help keep up with medication, appointments and next steps in your loved ones’ care.



We manage symptoms to help extend the lives of your aging parents and loved ones with dignity.  


home health

You shouldn’t have to leave your home when health issues arise. Our team is here to ensure you don’t have to.  


home care

Providing companionship, general assistance and essential services for your elderly or disabled loved ones.


residential care

Boutique-style residential living as an alternative to group home living to offer freedom, comfort and independence.


health & wellness

Wellness, prevention and strength are at the core of living a long, dignified, independent life. 

Health & wellness videos

At Parentis Health, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure all of our clients receive industry-best care.

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