It’s no secret that as we age, majority of us lose our grasp when it comes to technology. Especially now that innovations are done left and right, it’s just too hard to keep up! And as a Millennial, I can honestly say I’m struggling in keeping pace with technology these days. I can only imagine how the Silent and Baby Boomer generations are coping up. Of course, these musings are just a minor inconvenience of what technology really has to offer nowadays. It afforded us better living conditions and paved the way to an easier navigation of life’s humps and bumps. More so for the seniors who are at the receiving end of these inventions. So we compiled what we think are the most useful and thoughtful holiday gifts for seniors to date now that Christmas is just around the corner.

  1. Talking Watch – The name pretty says it all! For the vision-impaired, this would be a great gift.
  2. anti-sleep alarm – Useful when driving. More importantly, it helps avoid naps so that our seniors can finally have that good night’s sleep.
  3. Big-button cell phone – How many complaints from the elderly have we heard about cell phones having too small buttons? Well, not anymore if you give them this!
  4. Automatic pill reminders – So almost everybody forgets to take their pills on time. I know I do!  This is a very thoughtful gift to an elderly loved one because it shows we care for them.
  5. Personal Emergency Response System – The ultimate gift to a senior! Just a push of a button and help is on its way.


Our elderly are sometimes very sensitive when it comes to gift-giving. We give them gifts with the best intentions in mind. Yet, they interpret our gifts differently. It is up to us to truly make them understand and feel that we love them and care for them. We need to make them realize that our gifts have a purpose. That the purpose is for our elderly loved ones to live life without the harnesses that comes with old age.

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