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Nov 24, 2020 | Residential Care

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Susan’s mom came to Verona Court after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She had been living in a different senior care community, but had not been getting enough attention. On three occasions, she had wandered out and gotten lost. It was extremely frightening, and those were just the times Susan knew about. What if there had been others?

Verona Court

Discovering Verona Court

Luckily, the hospice where Susan worked had patients at Verona Court. One of the nurses directed her to Arda, the home’s administrator.

“Arda was very gracious,” Susan said. “She understood my mother’s condition and explained what they had to offer. Verona Court is a small facility with 6 residents, which ensured my mother got the care she needed. Arda eased my anxiety over switching care. I wished I could have cared for my mother myself, but the truth is you can’t, not if you have someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia.”

Verona Court

Susan’s Mother

Moving her mother to Verona Court was a relief. Susan could visit anytime she wanted and Arda kept her up to date on her mom’s condition.

Susan’s mother wasn’t difficult, just going through a decline. The staff was always there for her whenever she needed something. The intimate environment meant the staff was always there for her when she needed something. She even got the caregivers to dance with her, which had been one of her favorite hobbies when she was younger.

Susan remembered: “Mom was always well cared for, even as she declined. There were never any health concerns, and if there were, someone always explained them to me.”

Verona Court

Susan’s Father-in-Law

Susan’s mother had such a great experience at Verona Court, she decided to put her father-in-law there as well.

“He was a very difficult man,” Susan told us, “but funny, a real larger than life character.”

Her father-in-law settled in very quickly. A life-long smoker, he insisted on using his pipe, even though smoking was not allowed in the home, so the caregivers would take him for walks outside, where he would smoke and regalia them with wild, crazy stories. Susan was not sure whether they were all true, but she loved the personal attention the caregivers showed him.

“It wasn’t always easy to care for him,” she said, “but they were so kind.”

He stayed for only a few months before returning to his home back east, where, sadly, he passed away soon afterwards. However, it was really important to Susan that Verona Court gave him the chance to be with her husband and children before he passed.

Verona Court

Susan’s Mother-in-Law

After falling and breaking a bone, Susan’s mother-in-law also decided to come to Verona Court. There, she was able to recuperate with a home health worker and receive the care she needed when she needed it.

“It was the best thing for her because she had a nice room, good food, she was cared for, we could see her, she got outside,” Susan recalled. “The caregivers accommodated her, and she had somebody to talk to. She absolutely loved going to the mall to shop and have lunch with her caregiver. That made her really happy. I remember she stayed sharp until the very end, which was uncommon for the people at her status. They weren’t used to dealing with someone like that, but Arda tried really hard to find good matches. So, it was right until the end.”

Verona Court

Care at Verona Court

As Susan’s mother lived at Verona Court for eight years. Susan described the experience as “amazing.”

“Her first year at Verona Court, they had a Christmas party. She was so happy. There were singers and caroling. She sang with them and danced with Tarek. It was lovely to see her so happy.”

Verona Court

“They called me right away when my mother passed. I was in Indiana with my children. I flew back right away, but in the meantime, the hospice team helped my family process their grief. There is no price you can put on that support. They had a spiritual counselor if you needed it, and a social worker, all of it.”

Verona Court

Support & Comfort

Susan does not know what she would have done without the support her family received at Verona Court. They turned what was a really hard, difficult time into a positive one, helping create good memories at the end instead of bad.

Verona Court offers a new approach to senior care. Learn more about the unique care we provide. 

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