Parentis Health is a senior care company in Orange County.  We provide home care, home health, residential care, care management and are working towards providing our clients with much more. So that raises the question, why choose Parentis Health as your one-stop provider for senior care?

It’s a simple answer, really. It all lies within why we chose to do what we do to begin with. It was never about the money for us, which shows in our rates and our all inclusive pricing, and it was never about power, which shows in our means of interaction with our clients. It has always been because of our personal experiences with our loved ones.  Our motto we live by everyday is to “enrich the lives of people we touch.”

We believe that each individual that we serve deserves the best care. Period.  We believe that our clients and patients need access to real-time data on how their loved ones are being cared for.  We believe that to be able to provide the best possible care, we need to reach out and go one-step further in the care delivery model by providing continuity  through our care coordination and management services.

Tarek El Nabli, one of our founders, grew up living with his grandparents from the age of 4 until the age of 14. He helped them clean, cook, carry luggage, and shared a bed with them. On the days he went outside, instead of playing, he helped those in need because he cared and knew the elderly could use a helping hand.

Arda Kardjian, our other founder, grew up in Jerusalem until she moved to the United States for College. While she pursued her BSN degree, her parents remained in Jerusalem, but their health wasn’t on their side. When she and Tarek got married, they made the decision that they would provide constant care and assistance to their parents.  Over the years they cared for each other, and ensured that they received the best services possible, despite the limited resources.

This is why Parentis Health was founded. Tarek & Arda cared. They made the decision to help those that couldn’t help themselves by providing them with unlimited resources and access to senior care. Their connection to making a difference originated at a young age, and has stayed with them ever since. Their constant dedication to be available whenever needed, to continue building their company, and to never give up, originates with their care for you.

We, as a family, are driven to prove to you that our company is not just like every other senior care provider. Yes, we have similar offering, however, the way in which we provide our services is unique. We are emotionally as well as physically available to assist whenever needed. We are dedicated to keeping you up to date as frequently as requested to help give you peace of mind.

P.S. We are here for you because we care.


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