Clinical Care Management

Continuity and Consistency

We take care of the details. From ensuring you get to appointments, refilling medications, following up on treatments, monitoring progress and more…we are there.

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Continuous care

When you trust your care to Parentis Health, you are assigned a dedicated team of professionals who are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven day a week.  


Your team includes

  • Registered Nurse / LVN
  • Medical Social Worker
  • Certified Home Health Aide

To ease the burden on caretakers and patients, we provide assistance along the spectrum of care, including:

  • Transitional care
  • Coordination of care between providers
  • Medications monitoring
  • Personalized health education
  • Completion of the POLST form
  • Social resources such as facilitating a Power of Attorney for Health Care, Veterans Benefits or applying for Medi-Cal
  • Transportation services

Why it matters

Living a long, independent life can involve complex, often challenging medical decisions and activities for both you and for caretakers. Whether dealing with your own health, the health of a loved one or serving as an adult child of an aging parent, the stress and anxiety that can arise from continued care can be daunting. The Parentis team will help you ease the related concerns by helping you or your loved one get to appointments, maintain proper medications, ensure symptoms are managed carefully and take care of all the details to ensure longevity, dignity, and independence.  

How we do it

Our holistic approach ensures that your loved one’s care is seamless. We take care of all the details. From appointments and medicine to emotional support and simply providing company and comfort, we are there. Parentis patients are a part of our family and have access to the following: 

Personalized/Holistic Plan 

Our care plans are customized to meet the specific emotional, physical and financial needs of our patients and their families. 

Clinical Care Managers

We are highly trained, compassionate, phase-of-life experts who advocate for our clients at every level of care.

24/7 Access

We’re never off the grid. We’re always there for you and your loved one no matter the time, hour or day of the week. 

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