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We take care of the details – from your home to where you need to be. Picking you up in style, comfort, and understanding – we are there for you.

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Continuous care

Parentis Health Transport makes it easy for patients, their family members and caregivers to request non-emergency medical transportation. Our patient transportation answering service is open 24/7 and is the first choice for reliable, handicapped accessible, private non-emergency patient transportation.


Known for our great customer service, we are a trusted logistics resource to transport patients with great care, comfort and compassion:

  • in a patient wheelchair (pediatric transport wheelchair) up to 34″ max
  • on a patient transport stretcher or patient transport gurney
  • or those needing ambulatory patient transport (cane or walker)

Our patient transportation service includes to/from:

  • physician offices, office managers, referral coordinators
  • hospitals, discharge managers, emergency rooms
  • nursing homes, retirement homes, personal residences
    rehab hospitals, rehab outpatient centers
  • commercial/private airplane patient transport to airport
  • medical appointments
  • volunteer activities, shopping, hair appointments – where do you need to go?

How good transport can bring you peace

Your local driver you can depend on. We offer personalized, affordable patient transport, including handicapped. We feel human, transporting you to family holiday gatherings and that local event you’d otherwise have to miss. Each car and van is connected up 24/7, care of GPS to our office in order to monitor for constant communication. Our experienced drivers are well trained to deliver safe, comfortable ride and have been through rigorous safety training.

Seniors use us as their personal, preferred ride, especially if they use a wheelchair walker to cane. Out-of-town family or caregivers can rest assured their loved ones make important medical appointments on time.

Communication is everything


When you book, we’ll confirm when we’ll be with you, if we’ll be early or late when we arrive


We’ll help you to your seat, along with your bags. We’re here to keep you company during your journey, so please feel free to chat – we love to talk!


And when you arrive, we’ll get you on your way to your final destination, with a caring hand and a warm heart. Feel free to ask if there’s anything else we can do

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