Dogs Are Our Best Friend ‘Til The End

Our residents at Verona Court board and care homes as well as hospice patients were visited by a sweet dog named, “Royal.”  “Royal” is a two-year old, female, Golden Retriever Labrador.  Christine Wanamaker, one of Parentis’ pet companion volunteer and “Royal” will be visiting residents and patients on an ongoing basis. Pet companion volunteers and [...]

Why Seniors Need In-Home Care After Surgery

Seniors who just underwent surgery require extra care. We need to pay extra attention on the first forty-eight hours because this is a very crucial time for the patient. During this time, movement is very limited  since the muscles are still stiff from all that bed rest. Therefore, it is very important that the right person is readily […]

The Elderly Can Have FUN Too!

Everyone needs their daily dose of fun. I know I do! It naturally uplifts the mood and eases the tension, physically and mentally. For the younger ones, having fun is as effortless as drinking water. For the not so young, the struggle is real. When one gets to a certain age in their life, there […]

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