Each one of our Verona Court (by Parentis Health) Residential Care Facilities has no more than six residents and offers the comforts, warmth and family interaction to support a healthy and dignified experience. Many of our male and female caregivers also live at the residences and are prepared to handle any situation that may arise. And, of course, visits from family and friends are welcomed with open doors and arms.

What is it like at a Verona Court Residential Care Facility?

A Verona Court Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) distinguishes itself from other types of care facilities because it provides a real home with all the comforts and warmth that your loved one is used to. In a small residential setting like Verona Court, residents develop personal relationships with caregivers and fellow residents.

Caregivers often serve as heads of the household and ensure the attentive care your loved one needs. The personal involvement of management and our caregivers’ close supervision allows us to tend to the needs of your loved one and to provide a line of communication to you about how your loved one is doing in our home.

Senior Living Memory Care

Patients with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia often have difficulty recollecting important memories, which take an extremely high emotional toll on residents and their families. The goal of our Memory Care program is to provide a reassuring link to the past, while helping patients create new memories through a meaningfully enriching daily regimen.

The Memory Care program encourages residents to participate. It involves a process that enhances their sense of accomplishment, promotes their physical and emotional well-being and reinforces their connection to society.

Compassionate Care

Special needs require a special commitment to compassion for people’s identity, where they’ve been and what they are going through. Verona Court creates a truly compassionate environment, reflected in our approach, policies and services. We’ve designed a resident-specific therapeutic activity program that meets a resident’s need for identity, control, independence, self-esteem and meaningful relationships. All of these things are vital to promoting wellness.


Verona Court proudly offers services and facilities that meet the highest standards of excellence of any residential care home in Southern California.

Our Homes Are:

  • Conveniently located in upscale residential neighborhoods
  • Equipped with amenities including television, internet access, recreation and transportation
  • Single or shared accommodations
  • Up-to-date and compliant with current care home standards for maximum safety and     security

We Provide:

  • Around-the-clock maintenance and repair service
  • An ample staff of well-trained professionals
  • Management trained in medicine
  • Customized menus with fresh meals prepared three times a day
  • Personalized meals catering to individual medical needs
  • Around-the-clock contact with caregivers
  • A communal atmosphere enhanced by small numbers and abundant staff
  • Reasonable and competitive pricing for maximum services

Basic Services For Seniors:

  • Elegant, safe, sanitary and secure living accommodations
  • Three nutritious and delicious meals a day
  • Personal care and assistance with daily living activities
  • Daily observation and monitoring for signs of illness
  • Transportation for medical and dental needs
  • Planned activities program

Levels of Activity

Verona Court supports 3 levels of activity which have been established by the National Association of Activity Professionals:

1. Supportive activities – Playing soft music, placing colorful objects in a resident’s room and providing tactile or olfactory stimulation.

2. Maintenance activities – Exercise groups, sports and other activities to improve physical functioning; discussion groups, current events and other activities to improve cognitive functioning; pet therapy, volunteer services and other activities to improve  emotional functioning; and participation in life review, religious services and other activities to enhance spiritual functioning.

3. Empowerment activities – Self-government, cooking, gardening, resident volunteer programs and creative activities.

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