Residential Care

Boutique-style Residential Care

Our homes offer residents an environment that bolsters independence while providing access to the support and care you need. 

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What is Verona Court?

When you or your loved ones are unable to continue living at home, residential care offers the ability to live independently while under attentive and personalized care 24/7.


Why Should You Live Here?

Verona Court re-imagines residential care, offering an intimate, boutique environment with a maximum of only six other residents in a home.


What Value Do We Offer?

Beyond the round-the-clock support you receive, you’ll enjoy an active lifestyle with supportive, empowerment, and maintenance activities.

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Personalized and intimate

The experience at Verona Court is personalized and intimate to allow you or your loved ones to enjoy an independent life. Our boutique residential settings are elegantly designed and offer the highest levels of safety, sanitation and security.  

As a Verona Court resident, you will receive three nutritious and delicious meals each day. Each resident has constant access to personal care and assistance, with daily living activities through our planned activities program.  

Our highly qualified caregivers provide daily observation and monitoring for signs of illness and other issues as a part of our pro-active approach to maintaining a healthy life. We also handle all the details of your care, including transportation for medical and dental needs. 

Ample amenities, 24/7 attention

Each of the Verona Court facilities are conveniently located in upscale residential neighborhoods. Your residence is equipped with amenities designed to create an environment with all the comforts of home. This includes television, internet access, recreation and transportation. Each residence is up-to-date and compliant with current care home standards for maximum safety and security.

Focus on wellness 

We believe in a pro-active approach to your healthcare. That starts with a focus on nutrition, strength and general wellness. This helps to extend your longevity and offers the independence you deserve.

Pro-active monitoring

Our skilled teams are managed by Nurses, who will monitor your health for any concerns or changes and make necessary adjustments. You’ll have access to care around the clock to ensure someone is there when you need them. 

Educational videos

Watch our educational videos for insights and advice to help you choose the right option for you or your loved ones.  

Verona Court – Christina Kouris

Christina talks about her aunt’s journey with Parentis Health Residential Care

Verona Court – Melanie Burian

Melanie talks about her father’s experience with Parentis Health and our Residential Care services.

Verona Court- Greg Sykes

Greg speaks to his mother’s experience with Verona Court & her hospice care.

Benefits of verona court

As a resident of Verona Court, you will enjoy around the clock monitoring and support as well as access to an ample staff of well-trained professionals and management teams trained in medicine. Your culinary needs will be met with customized menus and fresh meals prepared three times each day. At Verona Court, you are immersed in a communal atmosphere enhanced by small numbers and abundant staff. All of this at a reasonable and competitive pricing for maximum services.

We offer three lifestyle programs:

Supportive activities:

Playing soft music, placing colorful objects in a resident’s room and providing tactile or olfactory stimulation.

Maintenance activities:

Activities and services aimed at improving physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual functionality.

Empowerment activities:

Self-government, cooking, resident volunteer programs and creative activities.

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Boutique-style residential living as an alternative to group home living to offer freedom, comfort and independence.


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Wellness, prevention and strength are at the core of living a long, dignified, independent life.