The True Continuum of Care

We offer multiple services to patients in the eldercare sphere—home health, home care, residential care, hospice, and transportation.

Parentis Health is the only company that offers these coordinated care services under one roof, providing a more cohesive experience for seniors and their families.

From home care visits through hospice, prices are kept reasonable and clear; dedicated Parentis Health professionals can also facilitate Medicare and insurance billing to support your decision-making process. This unique, full-circle, continuity of care model simplifies the process, empowering families while keeping costs under control—even when circumstances and patient needs change.

By putting patients first—and cutting out all of the extra steps and healthcare providers—Parentis Health enables families to provide the best possible care for their loved ones.


A Team You Can Trust

At Parentis Health, we understand that when it comes to your loved ones, trust is essential.

Our diverse leadership team is united by a singular desire: to help those in need, from the individual patient through the extended family. The importance of supporting families through the healthcare process drives everything we do, from our core competencies to new services
—because if we’re not helping families, we don’t deserve your trust.

Tarek A. El Nabli


Founder and CEO

Arda Kardjian, RN BSN


Founder and President

Cecille Sparrow, RN  

Vice President, Operations/Post-Acute Care Services

Julian Recio


Assistant Administrator, Home Health

Julia Chacon, RN CPCO


Compliance Officer and DPCS, Hospice

Jose Escobar


Vice President of Operations, Hospice

Melody Hall   


Care Manager, Home Care  

Yousheng Cho  


Office Manager, Home Care  

Janice Frechette-Artinger


Executive Director, Parentis Foundation

Matt Farid


Director of Finance

Jasmine El Nabli, MS, RDN  


Digital Communications Manager  

Anise Potjes  


Brand Marketing Manager  


People & Culture

Our diverse team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, united by a common thread: the desire to help others preserve their quality of life while improving the quality of care. Is that you too? Explore our open positions.